Thursday, November 19, 2015


One of these happy young men 
Can you see it?

One of these happy, bright young men will not make it. He will put a gun to his head and end his suffering and joy. But you couldn't have known that on this day. Could you?

Couldn't have known about the gun? Didn't even know about the wife. The son. The ranch on the hill.

Scan the picture and look for it. Is there anything you can see? A smile that doesn't scan? A shadow over the eyes? Can you tell?

If you knew him then, would you have told him to stay out of the barn? Would you tell him that you know the day will come but that he will need to fight it. That it is ok. That love and success and is enough. Has to be enough. Because if it isn't, then nothing is. Could you have known that fine day?

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