Saturday, January 23, 2016


I can see you, even with the blinds drawn. Peeking out from the safety of the warm living room. I can see you looking at the snow and heavy gray sky that lies swollen over the day like a thick wet blanket.

I see you. You have pulled down a slat on the window blind to see what you are missing. Maybe you just noticed that icicle. Or maybe you are looking for signs of the thaw. Blue skies, or a squirrel moving along the branches, a glimpse of the earth beneath the obfuscation of snow. Can you hear it? The muffled breath of the day, the softly beating heart of the earth patiently waiting for spring.

I am calling you. Play. Come play. Winter is nothing. Just the pause at the top of the inhalation. More night than death. Open the door. I am calling you.


  1. Great photo from the inside. The inside that is such a special place in our lives, in our memories. Our past and our future.