Sunday, August 21, 2016

7 Wonders Of My World

So I have seen the 7 wonders of my own tiny world
which ranges from seething edge of my freeway commute
to frothy tips of my every morning coffee
And from my car window and over my morning cup
I have seen marvels and miracles such as put a pyramid to shame.

Just last week the skies above my city turn beautiful amber
scorched golden by raging fires in the mountains beyond,
a horror that turned daylight into liquidy loveliness that was shameful to enjoy.

And was I the only one to see the tumbleweed
large as a christmas tree pinned
to the front of a tractor trailer by forward motion at freeway speed
ingeniously hitching a ride out of town while delighting me with its message of hope?

Wondrous, indeed, was the cashier at my local Costco
who processed 10 customers
with mounds of mass market consumer goods
in the time it took for me to send a simple text message with a photo
4th Wonder of My World
generating a retail experience beyond my faint hopes.

There is a tent city that presses in on the freeways
concrete, nylon and corrugated cardboard jockeying for space in an incongruously cheerful ecosystem of despair and determination.

And how about a tree that spawns a kite bloom
when the conditions are just right,
shooting muted striped panels across an open sky?

I lay on my back in the city under a midnight sky
purged of darkness offering
a perputual twilight freedom from the nameless fear
of the lightless night.

But it is you who amazes me the most
with your relentless smile and easy gait.
You, who rise daily from the grit of this city of dust with your face turned to the east
like a sunflower at dawn, always tuned to the sun.
You, who shine brighter than neon.

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