Thursday, March 26, 2020

Andrea's Baptism

Do you recall being bathed in soft yellow
like butter and candlelight and sunrise
all distilled in one perfect moment?
Do you remember this sight  filtered through 
the lids of your squeezed shut eyes?
Because you were there and it was there.

Do you remember all that beauty, 
right at the beginning of your story?
A story that would chase perfect light and colour
and then more perfect light and colour, always
seeking the lines and shadows that illuminated you 
at the very start

Friday, March 20, 2020

Soft Focus

My slide scanner is today's ouija board
summoning you from the digital darkness where
you dwell on, forever
twenty-five and impossibly far from sorrows
that lay ahead. The end not even thinkable.

Your face startles with its sudden appearance
on my screen. Pixels resolving into you, blurry
vaguely out of focus and out of reach. And so young,
your face unreadable as you consider your photographer.
Your new husband. Was he a disappointment yet?
Or is that longing. You must have wanted him then.
A desire that would endure beyond tolerance
and defy reason.

What does reason have to do with it, you might
be thinking. The light is soft. The man is here
and there is only now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Love in the Time of the CoronaVirus

We are together. Washing
hands and holding
each other in the dark and sometimes the light
of these very dark days and dull
times.  So much time
to listen to the clock’s digital hum
and the whisper of my breath while clouds echo
the grayness of the news.
And I remember a season full of sun
and risk when I would have given anything for an hour
of time alone with you, away from the tugging world
and our lives apart.

Wait, just now.
Is that a quickening of my breath? A stuttering 
of my pulse?
Fear, passion, virus.
It feels the same.